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    Virtual Bass Fretboard: Notes & Scales on a 4-String Bass Guitar

    😎 A simple tool to help you visualize scales and notes on the fretboard of a 4-string bass guitar. You can select which notes are shown and select a specific scale to highlight the notes from.

    By default you'll get the notes on the fretboard using standard tuning (E A D G), but you can also select another popular tuning option like Drop D (D A D G), Drop C (C G C F) and D standard (D G C F).

    The virtual bass fretboard presented here has 13 frets, so it covers a full octave plus one fret. The frets are numbered to help you out. Hit any of the notes to hear their pitch.

    If the guitar is your instrument of choice instead, check out the guitar fretboard. 🎸 Or you can even learn the notes on the ukulele with the ukulele fretboard.



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