Rhythm Challenge: Music Game to Test Your Rhythmic Skills

    🥁 This simple musical rhythm game will test your sense of rhythm and timing.

    🎵 A measure of music in 4/4 time will be displayed on the screen, with different note values like whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes and quarter rests. Your goal is to clap the rhythm of the measure according to the note values shown.

    ⏲️ You can turn the metronome on or off, and adjust the tempo if needed. The metronome will help keep you on beat.

    🦥 Start with a slow tempo and gradually increase the speed as you feel more confident. See how long you can keep a steady beat and match the rhythm of the notes. This game is a fun way to improve your timing and learn to read music.

    🟢 When starting the game, you'll hear a count-in of 1 measure, followed by 1 measure of just quarter notes, to help you get in the groove.


    Note and rest symbols

    Here's a quick reference to the note and rest symbols found in this rhythm game. Check out this page for a more comprehensive list of symbols.

    Note Symbol Note Name
    Whole Note
    Half Note
    Quarter Note
    Eighth Note
    Beamed eighth notes
    Sixteenth Note
    Quarter Rest

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