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    Perfect for refreshing on music theory, practicing an instrument or writing music.

    Easy workflow

    Apps stay on top and you can resize windows, for a super easy workflow.

    I wanted to make it very convenient to access the musical tools that I've created on muted.io.

    Music theory references + Virtual instruments

    🎵 You'll have quick access to interactive references for scales, intervals and chords for both the piano and the guitar.

    🎹🎸 Plus, the virtual piano and virtual fretboards (guitar, bass or ukulele) make it easy to practice and memorize your instrument.

    Here's the full list of tools you'll have access to:

    • 🌀 Circle of Fifths
    • 🧑‍💻 Music theory cheat sheet
    • 🎤 Chromatic tuner
    • 🎤 Voice tuner
    • 🎹 Virtual piano
    • 🎹 Piano chords
    • 🎹 Major + Minor Scales
    • 🎹 Modes
    • 🎹 Chord charts
    • 🎸 Guitar fretboard
    • 🎸 Guitar tuner
    • 🎸 Guitar scales
    • 🎸 Guitar chords
    • 🎸 Ukulele fretboard
    • 🎸 Bass fretboard
    • 🔢 Scale notes
    • 🔢 Scale formulas
    • 🔢 Chord formulas
    • 🥁 Lil Beat Maker
    • 🎵 Diatonic chords
    • 🎵 Intervals
    • 🎵 Intervals chart
    • 🔼 Chord transposer

    Works on any platform

    Once you get the app, you'll have a download link for Mac, Windows or Linux.

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    Automatic free updates

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    Update coming soon: New chord helper app. This one will be available in the app only.

    🎵 The 23 Musical Apps

    A breakdown of the musical tools you'll have access to inside the muted.io desktop app:

    🌀 Circle of Fifths

    • Explore scales, chords & key relationships
    • Switch between major & minor modes
    • Quickly identify key signatures & scale degrees
    Circle of fifths screenshot

    🧑‍💻 Music Theory Cheat Sheet

    • Keys, scales, intervals & chords at a glance
    • Explore modes and scale formulas
    • Play diatonic chords for each key
    Cheat Sheet screenshot

    🎤 Chromatic tuner

    • Tune any instrument with your microphone
    • See pitch accuracy in real-time
    • Visualize pitch on the chromatic wheel
    Chromatic tuner screenshot

    🎤 Voice tuner

    • Fine-tune your singing voice
    • Get instant feedback on pitch accuracy
    • Visual indicators for perfect pitch alignment
    Voice tuner screenshot

    🎹 Virtual Piano

    • Play and practice using a MIDI keyboard
    • Highlight or lock to specific scales
    • See which chords you're playing
    Virtual Piano screenshot

    🎹 Piano Chords

    • Hear and see piano chords with a simple click
    • Visualize chords on a virtual piano interface
    • Explore 14 different chord qualities easily
    Piano Chords screenshot

    🎹 Major & Minor Scales

    • Explore major and minor scales visually
    • Interactive guide to scale notes and chords
    Major & Minor Scales screenshot

    🎹 Modes

    • Reference all 7 modes of the major scale
    • Visualize modal scales and their relationships
    Modes screenshot

    🎹 Chord charts

    • Explore a variety of piano chords visually
    • Hear the chords by clicking on keyboard diagrams
    Chord charts screenshot

    🎸 Guitar fretboard

    • Visualize guitar fretboard notes easily
    • Interact with various tunings and scales
    • Hear notes with electric or acoustic samples
    Guitar fretboard screenshot

    🎸 Guitar tuner

    • Simple, microphone-based tuning
    • Automatic string detection and pitch feedback
    • Tune guitars, basses, and ukuleles
    Guitar tuner screenshot

    🎸 Guitar scales

    • Explore guitar scales and modes visually
    • Choose scales and tunings with ease
    • Highlight fretboard positions using CAGED or TNPS
    Guitar scales screenshot

    🎸 Guitar chords

    • A collection of guitar chord diagrams
    • Explore guitar chords in various positions and types
    • Visualize open and barre chords easily
    Guitar chords screenshot

    🎸 Ukulele fretboard

    • Explore the ukulele fretboard interactively
    • Visualize notes and scales in different tunings
    Ukulele fretboard screenshot

    🎸 Bass fretboard

    • Visualize notes on a 4-string bass fretboard
    • Highlight scales with selectable tunings
    • Hear pitches and explore fretboard layout
    Bass fretboard screenshot

    🔢 Scale notes

    • Quickly reference notes for various scales
    • Interactive play for major, minor and modal scales
    Scale notes screenshot

    🔢 Scale formulas

    • Reference formulas of common musical scales
    • Understand scale patterns & intervals
    • Easy one-pager for diverse scale structures
    Scale formulas screenshot

    🔢 Chord formulas

    • Easily access chord formulas and symbols
    • Explore intervals for various chord types
    • Interactive root note selection for chord details
    Chord formulas screenshot

    🥁 Lil Beat Maker

    • Create beats with a 16-step online drum machine
    • Customize drum sequences with ease
    • Download your grooves as MIDI files
    Lil Beat Maker screenshot

    🎵 Diatonic Chords

    • Play diatonic chords for major and minor keys
    • Experiment with chord inversions and 7th chords
    • Quickly test out chord progressions
    Diatonic chords screenshot

    🎵 Intervals

    • Practice hearing music intervals on the piano
    • Explore minor, major & perfect intervals
    • Test skills with interval identification game
    Intervals screenshot

    🎵 Intervals Chart

    • Visualize music intervals between notes
    • Explore interval inversions easily
    • Quick reference for simple intervals
    Intervals chart screenshot

    🔼 Chord transposer

    • Transpose chords effortlessly
    • Adjust by semitones or to a specific key
    Chord transposer screenshot

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    Circle of fifths with major and minor keys