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    Virtual Ukulele Fretboard with Notes and Scales

    🌴 Here you'll find a virtual ukulele fretboard where you can see the notes and highlight the notes of specific scales. You can select between a right handed or a left handed ukulele fretboard and hear the pitch of the different notes.

    Select between a few different tuning options and see how the note placement changes on the fretboard depending on the selected tuning.

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    A Word About Ukulele Tuning

    The most common/standard ukulele size is the soprano ukulele, and the standard tuning for the soprano ukulele is C tuning (gCEA), also often called high G tuning. The lowercase 'g' indicates that this is re-entrant tuning, meaning that the G on the 4 string is not the lowest pitch and the pitches are not ordered in a fully ascending manner.

    Some like to tune a standard ukulele to low G, so that the 4 string is actually the lowest pitch with a G that's an octave lower than with standard tuning.

    D tuning (aDF♯B) is a popular alternate tuning option for both the standard soprano ukulele and the concert ukulele.

    The baritone ukulele is most often tuned to DGBE.

    Ukulele samples

    The ukulele samples used for this ukulele fretboard chart are from the “ Ukelele single notes, close-mic ” pack by The Stomach Aches, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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