Interactive Circle of Fifths

    ✨ Below is an interactive circle of fifths tool to help you visualize notes, chords and keys. As the name implies, in the circle of fifths, each note/key on the wheel is separated by a fifth. Click on any of the 12 keys to select the tonic:


    DAEBF#DbAbEbBbGCFadgcfebf#c#g#d#bbtonicdominantsubdominantsupertonicsubmediantmediantleading toneIIVViiviiiivii° BF#C#G#D#BbFCGEADCFBbEbAbGDAEBF#DbmediantsubtonicsubmediantsubdominanttonicdominantsupertonicIIIVIVIIivivii°

    more about the circle of fifths

    The circle of fifths comes in handy for visualizing notes, chords and keys. It helps in building chords as, for example, in a triad the 3rd note is always a fifth away from the root note (tonal).

    It also helps to see which keys harmonize well with a selected key. Keys that are adjacent to another key in the circle of fifths are closely related and will usually harmonize well.

    For a circle of fifths that also includes the 7 modes of the major scale , I recommend this one by Rand Scullard.

    If you're interested in learning more about the circle of fifths in general, here's a very detailed post from Musical U, and here's a video that makes it quite simple to grasp.

    piano samples

    The piano samples used here are from “Salamander Grand Piano V3” by Alexander Holm, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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