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    Hey! 👋 I'm Sébastien (aka Seb) and I create Glad you're here! 😎

    I'm diving headfirst in the world of electronic music production, sound design and sound synthesis, and is the central place where I share some of the cool stuff I create.

    Outside of that, here's an overview of some of my other web projects (for a more complete list, head over to my personal page):

    I created rrrelax, a visual web app that helps you take deep relaxing breaths.

    You can also check out a new project of mine called fffuel, where I'll share a collection of fun HTML page templates. In the same vein, I recently created a tool to create color palettes called

    I'm also into photography and I share some of my photographs over at

    - Seb

    Thanks for visiting, come back often. Let your sound be heard & keep on creating!