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    Photo of me


    Hey! 👋 I'm Sébastien (aka Seb) and I create Glad you're here! 😎

    I'm diving headfirst in the world of electronic music production, sound design and sound synthesis, and is the central place where I share some of the cool stuff I create.

    My current DAW of choice is Bitwig, and I'm having fun playing with the Synstrom Deluge, and a bunch of Korg Volcas. In terms of soft synths, really loving Vital from Matt Tydel and Generate from Newfandled Audio right now.

    If you feel so inclined, you can follow me on my personal instagram: @seb.n.x. I'm also into photography and I share some of my photographs over at

    - Seb

    Thanks for visiting, come back often. Let your sound be heard & keep on creating!