Lil Beat Maker: Simple Online Beat-Making Machine

    🥁 Make beats online with this simple, fun and free 16-step drum sequencer. Each large circle represents a drum sample: kick, snare, hi-hat, tom and clap , cowbell, mid-tom, low-tom or snap (depending on the selected drum kit). Each circle within a large circle represents one step in the 16-step sequence. Click on any of the steps to activate it.

    Drum Sounds:

    About this simple online beat maker

    Most drum sequencers are represented using a linear timeline, so for this little online beat maker I decided to changes things up a bit and create a 16-step drum sequencer that's on a circular timeline. I'm hoping this will spark your creativity to come up with interesting drum sequences and beats.

    Simply select the active steps out of 16 possible steps for the drum loop for each of the 5 drum samples: kick, snare, closed hi-hat, tom and another percussive elements like a clap, snap, cowbell or another tom (low-tom or mid-tom), depending on the selected drum kit. Some of the available drum kits are meant to sound natural and acoustic, yet others are meant to sound more synthetic and electronic.

    Click Play to start the sequence. You can control the master tempo (BPM) of the drum loop as well as the master volume in decibels. You can also tweak the velocity of each step to create interesting variations in your beats.

    This drum sequencer was inspired in part by 108 from Martin Wecke , another fun online beat-making app.

    I hope this beat making app proves to be a lot of fun for you! ✨

    drum samples

    The drum samples used for Kit 1 of this beat making tool are from “ Mailbox Badger : Public Domain Drum Samples : Vol. 2 ”by Mailbox Badger/Patrick Callan, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

    Circle of fifths with major and minor keys adgcfebDAEBGCF mini circle of fifths