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    Super Simple Sequencer: Online Step Sequencer & Music Scratchpad

    🪄 An online sequencer that makes it easy to play with different musical ideas right in your browser with just a few clicks.

    🎼 This step sequencer allows you to create musical loops of up to 4 bars long. To keep it a simple sequencer, the bars are locked in a 4/4 time signature with each beat divided into two, letting you set steps of 8th notes.

    🌈 By default you'll see all the notes of the chromatic scale for 1 octave, but you can expand to 2 octaves.

    💾 When you're happy with a musical idea created here, just download the MIDI file and import it into your favorite DAW.


    More details about Super Simple Sequencer

    You can change the tempo, the octaves and the type of sound for the sequence. You can also try to play around with the duplicate and mirror modes, for fun little sound explorations.

    You can also set a shorter or longer loop length by selecting where the loop ends on the timeline. By default the loop is set to 2 bars long.

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