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    Online Tuner: Guitar, Bass Guitar & Ukulele Tuner

    ๐ŸŽธ Here's a free and simple online instrument tuner that you can use to tune an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar or a ukulele.

    Just click on the Start Tuner button to initiate microphone access and you're ready to start tuning your instrument!

    Not sure how to use the tuner? Read here for simple instructions.

    Also check out the tool for guitar scales, guitar chords and the virtual guitar fretboard.

    ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ If you want to tune a different instrument, check out the chromatic tuner or, for your voice, check out the voice tuner.

    Acoustic Guitar

    Electric Guitar

    Bass Guitar


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    Tuning: โ†’

    Tuning: โ†’

    How to use this online guitar, bass guitar and ukulele tuner

    This free online guitar and ukulele tuner makes it easy to play the different strings on your instrument and adjust their tuning so that they sound just right.

    The tuner uses your device's microphone, so the clearer the sound the better. Try to tune your instrument in a quiet room and place your instrument close to your microphone. Start by activating the tuner using the Start Tuner button. This will trigger the browser to ask for permission to use your device's microphone.

    Next, select your instrument between acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar or ukulele. Now play each string of your instrument and the indicator will tell you if that string is in tune, too low or too high. The tuner automatically detects which string you're playing.

    The indicator turns green when the registered pitch is within 3 Hz of the correct pitch, and a green checkmark appears when the pitch is within 1 Hz of the correct pitch.

    Standard Tuning

    This online guitar and ukulele tuner uses standard tuning for each of the available instruments:

    • Acoustic & Electric Guitar: E A D G B E
    • Bass Guitar: E A D G
    • Ukulele: g C E A

    You can get in touch and let me know if you'd like me to consider adding more instrument tunings to this online tuner.

    Note also that this tuner uses a base frequency of 440 Hz, where A4 tunes at 440 Hz, which is the standard in equal temperament tuning.

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