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    Guitar Chords: Diagrams with Notes & Finger Positions

    ๐ŸŽธ Quickly reference guitar chord diagrams for popular chords at different positions on the fretboard.

    Just select a root note and a chord type and you'll get diagrams for that chord at common positions. You'll find both open chords and barre chords. These diagrams use standard tuning (E A D G B E).

    You'll find diagrams for major, minor, augmented, diminished, dominant, 5th, 6th, suspended and add chords, as well as the 7th chords for many of these same chord types.

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    1 Index finger
    2 Middle finger
    3 Ring finger
    4 Pinky

    How to Read Guitar Chord Diagrams

    Here are a few easy pointers on how to read guitar chord diagrams when the diagrams are in their default vertical position:

    • Each vertical line represents a string on the fretboard, the low E is the first vertical line and the high E is the last vertical line.
    • Each horizontal line represents a fret mark on the fretboard
    • Each dot represents a finger placement on that fret. The number inside a dot represents which finger should be used
    • A note like 3fr means that the diagram starts on the 3rd fret
    • A thicker first horizontal line (representing the guitar nut) means the diagram starts on the 1st fret
    • A 'O' at the top of one of the strings means that the string stays open
    • A 'X' at the top of one of the strings means that the string isn't strummed

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