Chords in Keys: Chord Player for All Major & Minor Keys

    ✨ A simple online chord player to play the chords of all major and minor keys (the diatonic chords) directly in your browser. You can also trigger the 1st and 2nd inversions as well as the 7th chords for the chords in a key. You'll find options for arpeggiating the chords and playing over a simple drum pattern.

    This tool makes it easy to come up with chord progressions on the fly and test out your chord progressions in different keys very easily. You'll see which chords you played last for an easy reference of what you just played when you find a progression that sounds good.

    Start by selecting a major or minor key ↷

    chords in the key of C major

    The chords in the key of C major are: C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G major, A minor and B diminished.

    C major C E G
    D minor D F A
    E minor E G B
    F major F A C
    G major G B D
    A minor A C E
    B diminished B D F

    → C major scale reference


    piano samples

    The piano samples used here are from “ Salamander Grand Piano V3 ” by Alexander Holm, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

    drum samples

    The drum samples used here are from “ Mailbox Badger : Public Domain Drum Samples : Vol. 2 ”by Mailbox Badger/Patrick Callan, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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