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    Guitar Fretboard: Virtual Fretboard Chart with All Notes

    🎸😎🀘 Here's a cool chart to visualize the guitar fretboard with the fretboard notes either in standard tuning (E A D G B E) or in other popular tunings like DADGAG, Drop D, Open G, Drop C, Double Drop D and Open C.

    You can select specific notes to be highlighted on the fretboard and can also select to highlight the notes of a selected scale.

    Hit any note to hear the sound of individual notes on the virtual guitar. The note playback allows you to hear notes using either electric, acoustic or nylon guitar samples.

    If you're using a left handed guitar, just click the toggle to switch to a left handed guitar fretboard.

    You might also like the guitar scales tool, the guitar chords tool, the online tuner and the tuning chart. Or, if you're learning the bass, check out the bass fretboard and if you're learning the ukulele, check out hte ukulele fretboard.


    Guitar sounds:

    How to visualize the guitar fretboard?

    The guitar fretboard is shown here as if seeing it from your own point of view when holding a guitar. This means that, using standard tuning, the low E (6 string), will be the closest string to your eye and the high E (1 string) will be the furthest string to your eye.

    Fret numbers are included at the bottom of the fretboard for easy reference. The fret number for fret 12 is highlighted to show the octave mark.

    On a small screen, the fretboard will automatically flip vertically in order to be able to easily see the full fretboard.

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