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    Best Free VST Plugins: Synths, Effects, Instruments, Mixing...

    πŸŽ›οΈ Here's a curated roundup of some of the best and most popular free VST plugins to help in the music-making process inside your favorite DAW.

    πŸͺ„ The VST plugins in this collection are all free, available for both Windows and Mac and work in all modern DAWs like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Bitwig Studio, Studio One, Logic Pro...

    πŸ’Œ This is not a comprehensive list and I'm sure I've missed quite a few great plugins. Get in touch with me here if want to suggest a plugin that should be added to this list.

    Free VST Synth Plugins

    Free VST Effect Plugins

    Free VST Instrument Plugins

    Free VST Utility Plugins

    Free VST Mixing/Mastering Plugins

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    Circle of fifths with major and minor keys