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    Key Signature Chart: Major & Minor Key Signatures

    ๐ŸŽผ A key signature is the sharp or flat symbols that we put next to a clef like the treble or bass clef to indicate which note(s) on the staff should be sharp or which note(s) should be flat for a piece of music or a section of a piece of music.

    Since each major scale (or its relative minor scale counterpart) has a different number of sharpened or flattened note in the scale, a key signature is therefore useful to tell us in which key we are in for a piece of music. We just look at the key signature on the staff and know right away which major or minor key has that key signature.

    This page gives you a reference to the major and minor key signatures. You may also want to check out the Circle of Fifths, which is a helpful tool to help remember how many sharps or flats a key has.

    โ†’ I've also created a little game to help you practice your key signature identification .

    Key signatures with sharps...

    Or no sharps or flats in the case of C major/A minor

    C major / A minor:
    no sharps or flats

    G major / E minor:
    1 sharp

    D major / B minor:
    2 sharps

    A major / Fโ™ฏ minor:
    3 sharps

    E major / Cโ™ฏ minor:
    4 sharps

    B major / Gโ™ฏ minor:
    5 sharps

    Fโ™ฏ major / Dโ™ฏ minor:
    6 sharps

    Cโ™ฏ major / Aโ™ฏ minor:
    7 sharps (all notes are sharp)

    Key signatures with flats...

    F major / D minor:
    1 flat

    Bโ™ญ major / G minor:
    2 flats

    Eโ™ญ major / C minor:
    3 flats

    Aโ™ญ major / F minor:
    4 flats

    Dโ™ญ major / Bโ™ญ minor:
    5 flats

    Gโ™ญ major / Eโ™ญ minor:
    6 flats

    Cโ™ญ major / Aโ™ญ minor:
    7 flats (all notes are flat)

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    Circle of fifths with major and minor keys