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    List of Free Tools & Games to Make Music Online

    I'm striving to create a comprehensive collection of fun and useful music tools on this site, and there are also a ton more great tools available to learn and make music online.

    The following is a list of some of my favorite free online tools and games to make beats or learn music.

    My criteria for the tools and games included on this page is that they are free, interactive, easy to use, and can be used right away without needing to create a user account. Bonus points if they are fun and encourage experimentation! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    You can get in touch with me here if you know about a tool that you think should make this list.

    Screenshot: Songmine
    Chord progression generator that connects with your DAW
    Screenshot: Online Sequencer
    Online Sequencer
    Featureful step sequencer
    Screenshot: Groove Pizza
    Groove Pizza
    Circular drum machine
    Screenshot: Lightnote
    Introduction to music theory
    Screenshot: dotpiano
    Interactive piano visualization
    Screenshot: Patatap
    Fun visual sound kit
    Screenshot: Chrome Music Lab
    Chrome Music Lab
    Various music-making tools
    Screenshot: The Infinite Drum Machine
    The Infinite Drum Machine
    Make drum loops using everyday sounds
    Screenshot: Typatone
    make sound using text
    Screenshot: OneMotion Chord Player
    OneMotion Chord Player
    Play chords & chord progressions
    Screenshot: OneMotion Drum Machine
    OneMotion Drum Machine
    Drum machine with velocity and buzz rolls
    Screenshot: Chord Master
    Chord Master
    Piano chord progression generator
    Screenshot: ChordChord
    Chord progression generator
    Screenshot: Spectrum
    Frequency visualizer
    Screenshot: Signal
    MIDI editor
    Screenshot: Harmopark
    Visualize harmonies
    Screenshot: Hagrid grid sequencer
    Hagrid grid sequencer
    Interesting take on a step sequencer
    Screenshot: Touch Pianist
    Touch Pianist
    Play classical pieces by tapping the rhythm
    Screenshot: Ableton Learn Music
    Ableton Learn Music
    Interactive guide to learn how music is made
    Screenshot: Ableton Learning Synths
    Ableton Learning Synths
    Learn music synthesis & sound design
    Screenshot: Sampulator
    Beat-making using samples
    Screenshot: BeepBox
    Sequencer to sketch instrumental music
    Screenshot: typedrummer
    beat maker with ascii
    Screenshot: Bellwoods
    Generative music experiment
    Screenshot: Shape Your Music
    Shape Your Music
    Musical geoboard
    Screenshot: Beat makerrrr
    Beat makerrrr
    16-step sequencer
    Screenshot: scribble.audio
    Synth to draw loops with sound
    Screenshot: Roland50 Studio
    Roland50 Studio
    Emulate some of Roland's most iconic instruments
    Screenshot: 108
    Minimal beat machine
    Screenshot: PatternSketch
    Drum machine and sequencer
    Screenshot: ChordHelper
    Chord progression maker
    Screenshot: Fretmap
    Guitar fretboard tool
    Screenshot: Octave Compass
    Octave Compass
    Explore scales and chords
    Screenshot: #fretflip
    Tools to learn and teach guitar
    Screenshot: Fretbo.ar
    Fretboard visualization
    Screenshot: Chord Progression Arpeggiator
    Chord Progression Arpeggiator
    Screenshot: Chord Ace
    Chord Ace
    Piano visualizer
    Screenshot: Sight Singing Trainer
    Sight Singing Trainer
    Solfege training tool
    Screenshot: Melody Generator
    Melody Generator
    AI melody generator
    Screenshot: Acid Machine
    Acid Machine
    Synth & sequencer for acid techno
    Screenshot: midi.city
    synth instrument
    Screenshot: WebSynths Grooves
    WebSynths Grooves
    Polymetric drum machine and sample library
    Screenshot: brumbit
    Drum machine
    Screenshot: iO-808
    TR-808 recreation on the web

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