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    Explore the Vocal Ranges of Iconic Singers: Interactive Chart

    ✨🎤 Here's an interactive chart showcasing the vocal range of some of the most iconic singers of our time. Ever wondered just how many octaves Mariah Carey can cover, or what the lowest and highest notes Freddie Mercury could hit are? This visual chart covers that.

    The chart includes the vocal ranges of artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Annie Lennox, Robert Plant and many more.

    You can see the full span of each artist's range in octaves, from their lowest note to their highest note. Plus, you can even play these notes to hear the incredible extremes of their voices. Just click on the notes in the chart to hear it.

    This vocal range chart might come in handy, and if you'd like to test your own vocal range, check out the voice tuner.

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    For a similar chart of vocal ranges, check out this one from Concert Hotels.

    Note: I gathered the data for this chart using sources like The Range Planet and Singing Carrots.

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    Forgot to include a major singer in this chart? Let me know here and I'll consider adding them.

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