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    Ukulele Chords: Diagrams with Notes & Finger Positions

    ๐Ÿ An easy way to reference ukulele chord positions on the fretboard using simple chord diagrams. Just select a root and a chord type, and you'll see diagrams for that chord using standard tuning on the uke fretboard (g C E A).

    For most of the ukelele chords you'll get a diagram at multiple positions on the fretboard. You'll also see suggested finger positions and note names on the fretboard for each chord.

    By default you'll see vertical diagrams, but you can switch to horizontal diagrams, in which case the low g string will be at the bottom of the diagram.

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    1 Index finger
    2 Middle finger
    3 Ring finger
    4 Pinky

    How to Read Ukulele Chord Diagrams

    Some general instructions on how to read ukulele chord diagrams when the diagrams are in the vertical position:

    • Each vertical line represents a string on the fretboard, g4 is the first vertical line and A4 is the last vertical line.
    • Each horizontal line represents a fret mark on the fretboard
    • Each dot represents a finger placement on that fret. The number inside a dot represents the suggested finger position
    • Text like 5fr next to a diagram means that the diagram starts on the 5th fret
    • A thicker first horizontal line (representing the ukulele nut) means the diagram starts on the 1st fret
    • A 'O' at the top of one of the strings means that the string stays open

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