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    BPM to ms Converter/Calculator

    A super simple tool to convert a beats per minute value (BPM) into milliseconds (ms) to get how many ms it breaks into for the different timing divisions of a measure. Useful when you're using a piece of gear/tool/plugin that expects a value in ms for effects and things like that.

    the math behind it

    If you're interesting in knowing the math behind it, it's actually pretty straightforward:

    Just take 60,000 (the amount of milliseconds in a minute) and divide it by the BPM value to get the value in ms for 1/4 note (1 beat).

    So for example, given a BPM of 111:

    60,000 / 111 gives us 541ms for 1 beat (1/4 note). So from there we can deduct the rest of the time divisions by multiplying or dividing further from the 1/4 note value. From 1/4 to 1/16 we would divide by 4, for example.

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