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    C♯sus Chord on Piano & Guitar: C♯sus4 & C♯sus2 Chords

    Here's a piano keyboard reference for the C♯sus2 chord (C♯ suspended 2nd) and the C♯sus4 chord (C♯ suspended 4th).

    The notes of the C♯sus2 chord are C♯ D♯ G♯ and the notes of the C♯sus4 chord are C♯ F♯ G♯.

    The intervals of the C♯sus2 chord are the root (C♯), major second (D♯) and perfect fifth (G♯). The intervals of the C♯sus4 chord are the root (C♯), perfect fourth (F♯) and perfect fifth (G♯).

    Suspended chords (aka sus chords) are chords where the third is raised to a perfect 4th in the case of a sus4 chord or the third is lowered to a major 2nd in the case of a sus2 chord. These chords inherently have more tension than their minor or major chord counterpart.

    🎸 You can also jump to guitar chord diagrams for the C♯sus4 and C♯sus2 chords in common positions on the guitar fretboard. You'll find both open chords and/or barre chords.

    C♯sus4 & C♯sus2 Chords on Piano

    C♯sus4 Chord

    notes: C♯ F♯ G♯

    • C
    • F
    • G

    C♯sus2 Chord

    notes: C♯ D♯ G♯

    • C
    • D
    • G

    🎸 Guitar Diagrams for C♯sus4 & C♯sus2 Chords

    Below you'll find guitar chord diagrams for common chord positions of the C♯sus4 and the C♯sus2 chords, along with finger positions or note names.


    C♯sus4 Guitar Chords

    C♯sus2 Guitar Chords

    1 Index finger
    2 Middle finger
    3 Ring finger
    4 Pinky

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