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    B♭add Chord on Piano & Guitar: B♭add9 & B♭add2 Chords

    Here's a piano keyboard reference for the B♭add9 chord and the B♭add2 chord.

    The notes of the B♭add9 chord are B♭ D F C and the notes of the B♭add2 chord are B♭ C D F.

    The intervals of the B♭add9 chord are the root (B♭), major third (D), perfect fifth (F) and major ninth (C).

    The intervals of the B♭add2 chord are the root (B♭), major second (C), major third (D) and perfect fifth (F).

    Add9 (added-ninth) and add2 (added-second) chords are major chords with an added major 9th or major 2nd. Added chords can often be compared to suspended chords. Sus chords have one of the notes moved up or down instead of an added note.

    🎸 You can also jump to guitar chord diagrams for the B♭add9 and B♭add2 chords in common positions on the guitar fretboard. You'll find both open chords and/or barre chords.

    B♭add9 & B♭add2 Chords on Piano

    B♭add9 Chord

    notes: B♭ D F C

    • B
    • D
    • F
    • C

    B♭add2 Chord

    notes: B♭ C D F

    • B
    • C
    • D
    • F

    🎸 Guitar Diagrams for B♭add9 & B♭add2 Chords

    Below you'll find guitar chord diagrams for common chord positions of the B♭add9/B♭add2 chords, along with finger positions or note names.

    1 Index finger
    2 Middle finger
    3 Ring finger
    4 Pinky

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