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    E5 Chord (E Power Chord) on Piano & Guitar

    Here's a piano keyboard and guitar fretboard reference to the E5 chord, also known as E 5th, E power chord or E no 3rd.

    The notes of the E5 chord are E B.

    The intervals of the E5 chord are the root (E) and the perfect fifth (B). Since five chords don't have a major or minor third, they don't have a distinctive major or minor feel.

    Five chords are often used on the guitar and are known as power chords. When played on the piano, they are often played with an extra root note on top, an extra E in the case of the E5 chord.

    🎸 You can jump to guitar chord diagrams for the E5 chord in common positions on the guitar fretboard.

    E5 Chord on Piano

    E5 Chord

    notes: E B

    • E
    • B

    E5 Chord with Extra Root

    notes: E B E

    • E
    • B
    • E

    🎸 Guitar Diagrams for the E Power Chord

    Below you'll find guitar chord diagrams for common chord positions of the E5 chord, along with finger positions or note names.

    1 Index finger
    2 Middle finger
    3 Ring finger
    4 Pinky

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    Piano Samples

    The piano samples used for this E5 chord reference are from “ Salamander Grand Piano V3 ” by Alexander Holm, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

    Circle of fifths with major and minor keys